One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One Private Tutoring

Home tutoring is usually perceived as something for students who need a lot of extra academic support, or as a high test score guarantee. In fact, private tutoring can benefit any student, not just those with special learning needs. And tutoring benefits your child in many ways besides improving their school grades.

Depending on your school district and whether your child goes to a public or private school, the size of their class will vary; but they will still be part of a group of students sharing one teacher. Even the best teachers with small groups cannot give every student their full attention - they must find a balance between personal attention and general engagement. Also, students will always be comparing themselves to their classmates, for good or bad.

Undivided Attention for Students Who Need It Most

With a private tutor, whether it be in-house or in the distance learning modality, your child gets the tutor’s full, undivided attention. They also don’t have any distracting classmates, nor do they have to worry about whether they are doing better or worse than the rest of the class, so the student’s attention is also not divided. The perfect scenario for learning!

A Private Tutor Can:

  • Adapt their methods to your child's learning style and personality
  • Provide undivided attention
  • Give practice tools and endless support
  • Improve your child's self-esteem

Short-Term Tutoring

This type of engagement is ideal if you want to prep for an
upcoming test or science fair, see a quick improvement on grades,
or deal with a specific topic your child is having trouble with. 

Long-Term Tutoring

A long-term tutor can help your child foster independent
learning habits and a love for learning, and be the emotional support
many children need to deal with school’s demands.

Confidence in the Making

Even the brightest students may have issues at some point in the school year with a particular topic or the way it is presented in class. Feeling like they are the only one who “doesn’t get it” usually results in low self-esteem and loss of motivation, and this happens in both elementary school and higher levels.

Igniting Curiosity

A tutor will adapt their teaching methods to your child’s learning style and personality, giving them the practice, tools, and support they need to get over any hurdle. This way, your child can go back to school feeling confident and motivated to learn, knowing any gaps will be covered at home with the tutor.

Private tutoring builds confidence while improving grades.

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