At The Sunshine Method, we believe in Equity in Education. We believe in building strong communities where every child has access to a quality education. And we believe that a quality education should be not just a right, but a reality for everyone.

Equity in Education

We take our inspiration from the Latin phrase cura personalis, which translates as "care for the entire person." Grades are important, of course, but they aren’t everything - each child’s wellbeing and development must be considered, as well as their context, personality. and characteristics. 

We are committed to providing individualized tutoring and mentoring tailored to each child, taking into account their unique stories and experiences, while appreciating their particular gifts and abilities.


Since 2012, The Sunshine Method has made the commitment to support communities that need it most, focusing our efforts on providing quality education, mentorship, advocacy and building awareness for children in Foster Care, Children’s Hospitals, Refugee Programs, Exceptional Student Education programs, National School Lunch Programs, and the Private Sector to help bridge the Educational Achievement Gap.

The SunChild Foundation is committed to empowering all children to reach their fullest potential!

Providing Quality Education

Providing Quality Education & Mentorship Programs

Supporting Communities

Supporting Communities

Building Awareness

Building Awareness Through Advocacy

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Educational Achievement Gap


The SunChild Foundation

The SunChild Foundation is committed to empowering our community’s children through consistent educational programming opportunities and scholarships. In partnership with our sister company, The Sunshine Method, we are dedicated to changing the paradigm of education, one child at a time.

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The SunChild Scholarship

With the SunChild Scholarship, we respond to the education gap by providing academic tutoring and mentoring scholarships to children in need. By completing a thorough review process and completing an essay or assignment, the SunChild Foundation provides highly qualified tutors to the children that need it most. We seek to help level the playing field, and positively impact all of our community’s future leaders!

Help us change the world, one child at a time.

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