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Middle School Science,The Sunshine Method Way!

With the Sunshine Method’s in-home one-on-one tutoring, your child will have the opportunity to strengthen their foundation in the sciences, and gain a lifelong appreciation and understanding of the scientific world.

Proven Process

The basic science standards for middle school students includes collecting data and being able to analyze data and draw conclusions.
Scientists in the Making

Science Lessons We Offer

beakersLife Science

What could be more fascinating than the science of life? Your child will learn about plants, animals and other organisms, and how they all live together and interact. 

Some life science topics taught in middle school include:

  • Cells: their parts, functions, life cycle, and the differences between plant and animal cells.
  • Basic genetics, including Punnett squares
  • The food chain, adaptation and natural selection
  • Ecosystems
  • Photosynthesis
Life Science Tutoring
Life Science
Earth Science
Earth Science
Physical Science
Physical Science

appleEarth Science

It’s so important to know about the planet we live in, and what we can do to keep it in good shape. The Earth Science curriculum for middle school comprises a mix of science concepts from geology, meteorology, paleontology, volcanology and even some astronomy.

Here are some of the topics our tutors may study with your child:

  • The formation of planet Earth
  • Tectonic plates and earthquakes
  • Types of rocks and formations
  • The rain cycle
  • Pressure systems and climate
  • The Solar System
  • The environment, pollution and waste

rulerPhysical Science

There is no middle school chemistry, but the foundations for chemistry and physics are taught at this level. These three years will have your child learning about how the world around them works, with fascinating topics such as:

  • Properties and states of matter
  • Speed and velocity
  • Types of energy 
  • The electromagnetic spectrum
  • Atomic structure and the periodic table of elements.

The Sunshine Method’s highly experienced in-home Science tutors are ready to propel your child to scientific success!

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