Learning Pods

New School Solutions

Many parents are considering homeschooling for the first time ever, because of health and safety concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you had been perfectly happy sending your children to private school, charter school, or public school for years, but now you’re starting to think that in-person learning in a traditional school setting is not safe enough yet, even though your school district assures you it is. Some families may have a high-risk parent, guardian, or other members; and they do not want to risk the exposure from sending their child to the local school.

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Safe Education & Socialization

The concept of the learning pod is starting to trend, as an in-between option that is not distance learning but also not as risky as going to school, even if children wear masks. According to the New York Times, “Learning pods — also called “pandemic pods,” micro-schools or nano-schools — are small groups of students (typically three to 10 children) who learn together outside the classroom but still in person. Some pods are hiring tutors to teach a child's school curriculum; some pods are sharing teaching duties among parents.”

We can take care of everything:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Scheduling
  • Teaching
  • Homework Evaluation
  • Progress Reports
  • Completion Credits

Learning Pod Benefits

At The Sunshine Method, we want to help! Most parents have jobs, child care and many other things to do, and managing lesson plans and a study program can be very time-consuming, especially if you don’t have teaching experience and have forgotten most of what you learned in high school. 

Personalized Learning Plans

The Sunshine Method has created a special learning pod program that balances remote learning with in-person education, creating a regular “school day” feel with a mix of online learning and personalization for all children in the learning pod.

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