Elementary School Science Tutors

Don’t Fear, The Sunshine Method Science Tutors Are Here!

Together with parents/guardians, teachers, and the child themselves, your knowledgeable Sunshine Method tutor will create a step-by-step plan to prepare for upcoming projects, tests, science fairs, and even daily homework.

  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Life Science
  • Cause & Effect
  • Patterns
  • Structure & Function
  • Engineering
  • Technology

Elementary School Science

The Sunshine Team provides 24/7 access to our online database, and works together with teachers, parents/guardians, and each individual child to create realistic short term and long term goals to ensure long-lasting academic success in:

  • Grammar
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Writing
  • Analytical Writing
  • Informative Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Research Strategies
  • Sentence Structure
  • Parts of Speech
  • Punctuation
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Professional Tutors
Goal Setting
Short & Long-Term Goal Setting
Database Access
24/7 Access to Database
Long-Lasting Academic Success

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