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Tutor Spotlight: Maria Vega


Meet Maria!

Maria has been with The Sunshine Method for over 10 years! Maria is incredibly proud to be part of The Sunshine Method family and believes the results speak for themselves. She plans to continue tutoring long into the future!

Join the conversation below:


What motivates you to tutor and mentor children in your community?

I am filled with joy when I see their smiles and the happiness within them when they reach their goals. I have goals for my students and goals for myself. My goal is to improve their academic deficiencies and get their confidence up. It has always been a passion that I have and I will always love that.


What is your favorite thing about The Sunshine Method?

Oh, where do I begin? The way that we help families, the way The Sunshine Method organizes itself, and the fact that they take the time to help you and give any assistance that you need. I know that I am appreciated because there has been no other company that I have worked for with this level of assistance. The level of competence, too, is just great. I would recommend it to anyone, and I do recommend it to families that I meet. I believe that we just have so much to offer and give to those who will take the help.


How does the work you do with The Sunshine Method connect to your own personal values?

Every day I look forward to my lessons. I try to help every person individually because every individual is unique and has a different way of learning and different levels of need. You have to observe the child that you serve and get to know their needs. When I accomplish this, I feel such joy and it makes my heart full. I love to see my children succeed.


Could you describe one of the best experiences that you've had working with a child and what you believe made it so successful?

I had a child that could not read anything, any letters, or any phrases. So I started with the basics. I have to start by observing them and then I can see what they know and what they need and what their weaknesses are. This is how I accomplish my goals with my child. I had a child who could not read when we started but when I finished working with him, he was reading, writing, and communicating with me. Communication skills are so important because when they get older, this is what they’re going to use. They are going to use this in school, with their parents, with their friends, at their job, and everywhere.


How has education changed your life?

I was a teacher before, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. The structural system was just not to par. So, I transitioned to tutoring. With tutoring, I have this one-to-one connection with the child. This personal communication allows for proper teaching. All children are not taught the same. We are all individuals and so I look at that and then I go by levels to find out what they need and provide it.


What do you think it takes to be a Sunshine tutor?

Experience, patience, and communication. If someone has differences, you have to learn their strengths and weaknesses. You have to talk and communicate with your students to make them feel at ease. Assure them that they can achieve their goals and provide academic structure for them. If they have a disability, you have to learn to cope with them.


What advice would you give a student who is struggling with a subject?

Repetition is crucial. Patience is also integral. Both the student and the teacher have to have the patience to learn. Fostering open and honest communication will allow the student to learn whatever it may be that they are struggling with. A tutor has to possess all these qualities.


What advice would you give to other tutors?

Do an observation and take notes on your student. Go by what you see and what you learn from your observation. You will be able to form your goals for each specific child based on these observations.


What are your hopes for your students in the future?

My hopes are that they will have an occupation that they will like. I always ask my students what they would like to be when they grow up. Whatever it may be, I explain to them that their position will need to know how to read and how to write to succeed in their position. My student often wants to keep learning and they see their own potential for success.

Thank you for reading, and thank you, Maria, for your contributions and impact on this generation!