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Should My Child Have A Mentor?

We all know that our children are the future, but, are they motivated for the future, especially with school starting back up?

Motivation comes in many forms, and one form we love at The Sunshine Method come from a role model, a mentor.  From building social and emotional support to confidence and reassurance, there are tons of benefits when it comes to having a mentor for your child. But, what is a mentor and what can they do for your child?

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What is a mentor?

Some may say a mentor is a muse, someone that inspires you to work harder. And that's just the beginning! A mentor is an individual who can be a cheerleader and navigator, someone that encourages your child to reach for new possibilities, and helps guide your child through challenging situations. Mentors help children see the world from a fresh perspective, and help open up a child's world to all of the possibilities that await them. 

Mentors are also advocates, guidance counselors, big brother figures, big sister figures, mother figures, father figures, and the list goes on!

What are the benefits of having a mentor?


Children who have a strong connection with their mentor develop earth-shattering confidence. As an outsider, mentors can help children recognize their "superpower”, which allows them to have amazing educational and social success. Mentors are simply there for support and can also be seen as a safe space for your child. Someone they can talk to about problems they might not feel comfortable sharing with a parent.


What are the long-term effects of mentoring?

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Children who have mentors cultivate an assembly of benefits both short-term and long-term.  Here are the most meaningful ways that children can benefit from mentoring:

  • Stronger and Healthier Relationships
  • Higher Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Improved Behavior at Home and at School
  • Better School Performance
  • A Passion For Higher Education
  • Healthier Lifestyle Choices

How to get a mentor?


Think your child can benefit from a mentor in their life? With The Sunshine Method getting matched with a mentor AND tutor is easy! Sign up and be matched today!