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Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023 - Year End Recap


2022: Recap and Reflection

Welcome to 2023! As we ring in the new year, we are also reflecting on our 2022 journey. Last year was full of ups and downs, new experiences, challenges, and opportunities. We achieved goals, gained knowledge, and positively impacted the lives of many children. To that point, we express deep gratitude to our tutors/mentors, families, students, and communities for allowing us to play a special part in each of your lives. 



What was 2022 like for The Sunshine Method?

In June, we celebrated our 10th birthday! This was a huge milestone and we were thrilled to have accomplished it. To celebrate this achievement, we hosted a campaign called ‘10 Days of Sunshine’ to spread Sunshine to all of our communities. We donated to our tutors, our students, and to various organizations such as One Simple Wish, UNICEF, Best Buddies, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Project Sunshine.

Be sure to stick around for our birthday celebration this year to see what we have in store!

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2022 Number Reflection


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Celebrating Success with Sunshine Stories

In 2022, we launched our Sunshine Stories campaign. Together, we are celebrating the accomplishments our students and tutors have made. Our students are unique and have different abilities, hobbies, and interests. Whether they are struggling with reading or math, our tutors take into account their individual needs and differences. With the help of our tutors and mentors, our students are able to thrive and gain the confidence they deserve. Students who are struggling in a subject often need extra patience and effort, which our tutors make look easy!



To make your day a little brighter, read some of our Sunshine Stories below. 


Screenshot 2023-01-10 101941

Natasha, Grade 8

“I'm really shy when I first meet someone, and sometimes it's hard to talk to someone new.

That was until I met my tutor Kat! After my first tutoring session, it was really easy to talk to Kat, and open up to her! She's awesome and I liked her from the beginning, she's even like an older sister to me. Because of my diagnoses, it's sometimes hard to understand what I read, but now, I'm doing so much better with my reading and writing.”

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Screenshot 2023-01-10 102019

Juliana, Grade 3:

“I'm Juliana* and I'm a 3rd grader! I'm homeschooled and have been getting tutoring for a few months.

When I first started, I really struggled with reading and remembering my alphabet. With my different diagnoses, learning new things can sometimes be tough. My tutor Karen really helped things make sense for me, and within a few months, I'm now reading at the same level as everyone else my age!

Now that reading isn't so scary, I've been able to show off my baking skills with simple recipes, and I even have some new favorite storybooks. I'm a better swimmer now, and have been coming up with ideas to make my own puppets and create my own stories.”

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Screenshot 2023-01-10 101955

Jasper, Grade 10:

“I’m Jasper* and I'm in the 10th grade. I have many hobbies that I am passionate about. I am good with electronics and my dream is to be in movie production when I grow up. I also love music and playing the piano! I am on the spectrum so I have challenges with focus and attention. I struggle most with reading comprehension and writing essays. My Sunshine Method tutor, Gregory, is really patient and flexible, and gave me the confidence I needed to take my PSAT!”

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*Real names have been modified. 

Our 2022 Spotlight Tutors 

And lastly, a special thank you to all of our 2022 Spotlight tutors, whose names are listed below. They were featured because for going above and beyond to engage with and inspire students to achieve lifelong academic success. We are truly grateful for their hard work and dedication. Together, we are changing lives, one child at a time.

the sunshine method_spotlight tutors_tutors of the month
Click the tutor's name to read their interview!

Anida Pollo

Jennifer Hoprich

Karen Riegler Kohl

Katie Etchison

Judson Hendry

Tatyana Rodriguez

Gina B.

Janett Walker

Angela Gerald

Emanuel Rojas

Ginnie Pajak

Christopher Reardon

Quelyn Purdie

Amy Brazda

What's Next? 

In 2023, we will continue to serve our communities and work to bridge the Educational Achievement Gap. As our organization continues to grow, we seek to impact more lives across the nation... and even the world! Stay tuned in with our social media pages as we will be hosting games, giveaways, and raffles this year. The future is looking bright and sunny! 

Thank you, again, for your support in 2022. We are truly grateful! We hope your year is filled with curiosity, creativity, and new adventures! Wherever you may end up, just know The Sunshine Method is rooting you on!

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