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7 Ways to Keep Your Child Academically Engaged this Summer

Summer months are meant to be fun but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop! Keeping the children engaged and focused can be a challenge any time of the year but especially so during the summer. Summer learning loss affects students in disadvantaged groups at higher rates and your team here at The Sunshine Method want you to be equipped with all the tools you need to keep your children academically active and exercising their mind.

Check out 7 ways for to keep things fun while teaching this summer below!

1. Participate in The Sunshine Method's PenPal Program.

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If you tutor more than one student, pair them up as penpals! You can also ask your tutor about participating as a penpal. Supervised letter writing to a new friend can foster positive relationships as well as improve reading and grammar. Having a long or short term penpal will encourage them to think critically about communication. They can start with introductions and then begin to share a bit about their interests, background, or anything else they want to talk about!


2. Set aside time to read something exciting to your child or have them read to you.

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Remember long summer days filled with adventures in far off lands, and heroes of all shapes and sizes? Tap back into your inner child and go exploring! What better way to connect with a child than getting to explore their interests. The more you do activities they enjoy, the more you can uncover what they are truly excited to learn about. Let your child help you pick out reading material that will be fun for them while still being educational. The summer time is a great opportunity to jump into a summer reading list, and a new adventure!

Check out Summer Reading list by grade level here!

3. Use new digital classroom tools!

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The summer time is a great opportunity to test out some new tools! You can make a free account on Splash Learn and use their interactive digital tools to teach new concepts in a fun way. Incorporating new ways to learn online will show your child that there is more than one way to solve a problem and give them a safe space to make mistakes while they explore.

4. Take a virtual tour of a museum, or go on a virtual field trip.

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Many museums worldwide offer free virtual tours year round and can be a great way to immerse your child in new educational experiences and encourage exploration. You can also go on a virtual field trip together, anywhere in the world! These "visits" can spark interest in new topics that your child might not be exposed to in school otherwise, or provide you all an opportunity to take a deep dive into topics your child is already interested in - science, animals, food, history, superheroes, the sky is the limit!

5. Play a word games or do a puzzle together!

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Word games are a fantastic way for your child to stay sharp and learn without them even noticing. Many games can boost your child's literacy level and improve their vocabulary, memory, and spelling. Go ahead, and have fun learning together this summer!

6. Do an arts and crafts project together!

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Uncover your creative side with different projects to do with your child. By combining learning and fun, you can create something to cherish while encouraging your child's artistic inclinations. 

7. Journal Together! 

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Your child can sharpen their writing skills by keeping a daily journal. Encourage reflection, creative writing, curiosity, and storytelling. You can find fun writing prompts and journal ideas like keeping a nature journal on Start With a Book.


Using creative ways to make your lessons both fun and functional will set your children up for success and minimize the dreaded summer learning loss! 

Have other ideas, please share them with the team at tutors@thesunshinemethod.com!