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Education is the key to changing the lives of children, the community, and ultimately, the world.

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We believe in Equity in Education

At the heart of our mission, we believe that a quality education should be not just a right, but a reality for everyone.

Taking inspiration from the Latin phrase Cura Personalis, we are committed to providing individualized tutoring and mentoring tailored to each child – taking into account their unique circumstances and experiences, while appreciating their particular gifts and abilities.

Why Sunshine?
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Bridging the Gap to Self-Confidence, Academic Success, and Stronger Communities

Since 2012, The Sunshine Method has made the commitment to support communities that need it most.

We focus our efforts on providing quality education, mentorship, and advocacy, and we build awareness for children in Foster Care, Children’s Hospitals, Refugee Programs, Exceptional Student Education programs, National School Lunch Programs, and the Private Sector to help bridge the Educational Achievement Gap.

About Our Mission

Find a Tutor for Any Subject

Every child has different learning styles, and we match our highly vetted tutors with the students they will benefit the most, whether you need an ongoing private tutor or a more specific test prep. As a result, we see students learning faster and more happily than before.

Within 2 months 92% of our students see an improvement in grades by at least 1 grade level and 97% of our students see an overall improvement in self-esteem and behavior.
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Our sessions are tailored to each child – building confidence and an academic foundation. We make the search for the right tutor easy by pairing local tutors with students.




Igniting Curiosity Every Step of the Way

The Sunshine Method provides each child with a personalized Road Map to Success created in collaboration with tutors, teachers and families – paving the way for every child to have the confidence they need to overcome any obstacle and succeed!


The Sunshine Method Match


We embrace what makes your child unique, and with The Sunshine Method's proprietary matching system, we match your child to a highly qualified tutor that can meet their academic needs based on personality, academic subject, and availability.

Highly Vetted Tutors


The Sunshine Method goes beyond traditional tutoring to provide academic empowerment and mentorship, transforming your child into an engaged, confident, and self-sufficient learner.

Monthly Reporting & Progress Tracking


Your child's education is as important to us as it is to you. The Sunshine Method works together with you and your child to set both short term and long term goals and monitors monthly progress using a scientific approach to analyze factors of success.

Academic Consulting


With more than 10 years of demonstrated success working with children from different backgrounds, age groups, and abilities, we go above and beyond with our commitment to provide around the clock support to help your student reach their fullest potential! Whatever it may be, we can take care of that!


Flexible Options for All Learners

The Sunshine Method utilizes an integrated approach of both tutoring and mentoring to help support our children in need. Through our program, youth from all backgrounds and abilities are empowered and engaged to be active and productive members in their community. Our team is committed to investing in each child’s academic success, and designing sessions that are both engaging and educationally tailored to each child’s interests.

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Education is a child's voice, opportunity and experience.

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The SunChild Foundation

The SunChild Foundation is committed to positively impacting our community’s children to reach for the sun with consistent, innovative, educational programming opportunities. We are dedicated to changing the paradigm of education, one student at a time.

A portion of all proceeds from tutoring go into The Sunshine Method Impact Fund to support children in need.

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The SunChild Foundation
Our highly vetted tutors can help your child get better grades and feel happier and more secure.

Since 2012, The Sunshine Method model has helped improve children’s grades, study skills, behavior, and overall well-being

“Ever since The Sunshine Method began working with my son he has improved tremendously! The biggest difference is that he is noticeably very excited about school, and looks forward to his tutoring lessons. He loves his tutor, and they have been able to form a real bond. The entire Sunshine team has been amazing and very supportive in helping my son succeed. I couldn't ask for more!”

- Damaris F.

“Thank you Sunshine Tutoring for the amazing work you do when pairing tutors to the student's specific needs! Students have different ways of learning so pairing them to the correct tutor is important. I appreciate what you have done to accommodate my daughter to the right person. I will recommend your tutoring service to everyone. Thank you!”

-Emmy D.

“My son started working with The Sunshine Method Mid May. Before he started I spoke with Shavon who asked me a series of questions to better match him with a tutor. I found this strange but answered all her questions. He was matched with David and I could not be happier. I was uncertain at first because David is young but I am glad I let everything play itself out. David is not only a tutor he is a role model for my son and we have enjoyed working with him. My son attended tutoring all throughout the summer and never once said he didn’t want to do tutoring. He never missed a session. The Sunshine Method Works! Big thank you to their entire team.”

-Melissa O.

“By far, Sarah is my sons favorite tutor. He is always asking for her and is excited for his sessions. His improvement in both reading and math have been noticed by his teachers in school as well. Even with the state of the world and having to do sessions via skype, Sarahs methods for teaching have not skipped a beat. Cant say enough about what this has meant for my son and us as parents. Thanks for everything.”


“My daugther was having a hard time understanding Math and her grades were showing it. She was assigned to Katie and what can I say? Right now she has a B in math in only 2 months and goes on zoom 15 or 20 mins before time just because she loves the time they spend together. She showed my daughter math can be fun and that its ok to ask for help. I can't thank her enough.”

-Yamy M.

“My son is excited to do school work now because of the sunshine method tutor, she has a wonderful understanding of my sons disabilities and makes math fun and easy to learn. When my son is happy and doesn't want the session to end you know it's the real deal. I highly recommend The Sunshine Method and their tutors”

- Furret

“I am so happy to have found The Sunshine Method! They are very responsive, flexible, and professional. I reached out to The Sunshine Method for help with my daughter and her upcoming SAT. The tutor we worked with was absolutely amazing. He was always on time and was very thorough. I highly recommend The Sunshine Method and will definitely be keeping their number handy!”

-Dore H.

“My daughter has an amazing tutor, named Jessica! She is so patient and has creative ideas that allows my daughter to love learning. Jessica has also been willing to take data and incorporate behavioral strategies into their session. I’m very pleased that the Sunshine Method assigned us Jessica!”

-Natasha B.

“My son is a 15 year old , high functioning Austistic and L.D., he was given a tutor named Donna. Donna is beyond amazing, her patience, the unconventional way she tutors to reach the child is really something to see. She has a gift. My son sees all types of therapist all week but makes it a point to ask me everyday if today is the day he sees Donna. Thank you for making this process easy for me as a mother and enjoyable to my son as the student.”

-Vanessa O.

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